Experience Brook Hill

We at Brook Hill International School are a big, diverse family that welcomes and takes special care of our students and their parents.

For our students to feel comfortable, healthy, safe and at ease, aside from the best education, resources and fun, we also offer extra services that further add to the benefits of choosing our school when preparing your children for future life and society.

Experience Brook Hill


Indoor swimming pool and outdoor gym!

Swimming in our POOL WITH ACTIVE OXYGEN and no chlorine is a special pleasure and healthy exercise through which, along with a specialist teacher, children overcome the challenge of learning how to swim and practice various underwater exercises.

Sport plays an important role in school life at Brook Hil and we also have an all-weather gym, which can be used for many types of sporting activities.

Brook Hill also offers an after school Swimming Program!


Healthy eating!

A very important aspect of education today is teaching children how to eat and live healthily.

Our close friend and world-famous chef Nenad Veljkovic turns healthy ingredients into tasty meals that will help your children grow, develop and learn faster.

Our school menu is supervised and approved by an external nutritionist, who ensures that everything served is always fresh and well prepared.

Transportation - School bus

Safety comes first!

The professional and kind Brook Hill School bus drivers can bring your child safely from your home address to Brook Hill School in the morning and back again at the end of the school day.

For parents who are able to bring and pick their children up from school, there is ample parking at the end of the street.

For children who travel to school by public bus, bus service 44 provides transport from the city centre to within a short walk of the school.


Different experiences lead to discovering talents

We understand the importance of experiencing different activities so that students can discover their preferences and talents.

Through the various clubs at Brook Hill International School, our students can SPEAK their inventive minds, MOVE their way to health and good fun,use logic and imagination and CREATE entertainment.

Students and their parents can choose from the following clubs: Foreign languages, Debating, Stories for younger readers, Film club, Drama and Theatre, Sport, Scottish dance, Yoga, Zumba, Basketball, Swimming club, Making puppets, Making board games, Needle craft, Art, Music, Choir, Fun with Maths, Chess.


English as an additional language

EAL is an activity tailored for non-native English speakers according to the pupil’s level and needs. Learning through regular lessons, games and play, the classes continue until each student reaches autonomy.

After School Care

Rely on us

Feel free to finish your full day at work without worrying where your children will be between 3 and 5pm. At Brook Hill we provide the opportunity for your children to stay in after school care, where they can do their homework or play with friends, while being supervised by teachers.

After School Care

Our family is getting bigger by the year. Come, be a part of it and experience a school that teaches children how to live fully, successfully, happily and together.

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