The learning journey continues

Continuing on their path of becoming fully prepared for life, we joyfully welcome our pupils to Brook Hill’s Primary Department.

Providing practical and theoretical knowledge

All of our dedicated staff work together to plan lessons and activities in order to incorporate a combination of real-life scenarios, play experiences, problem solving opportunities and book work.

Understanding the importance of recognising talent in music or sport at this early age, we provide all children with specialist teachers for music, sport and swimming who work with children to build these talents.

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Continually following our pupils’ progress

Continually following our pupils’ progress

We carefully follow our pupils’ progress with regular formative and summative assessments throughout the year. Their progress in Writing, Reading and Numeracy is also monitored and recorded at the end of each term using guidance from the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

All assessments and results are passed onto the next teacher at the end of the year, painting a precise picture of pupils' progress and development.

Continually following our pupils’ progress

Respecting the society we are in

We understand the importance of fitting into Serbian society and therefore children have two Serbian lessons each week which are delivered by native Serbian language teachers.

These lessons are split into age groups as well as Serbian native and non-native speakers to help meet the needs of all children.

Primary school

follows the guidelines of the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) for Key Stage 1 and 2, developing pupils’ knowledge in:

english English
english Mathematics
english Science

In Primary, children also begin to follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales in: Geography, Science, History, ICT, Expressive Arts, Physical Education and Music.

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